Venice Love tour

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Venice Love Tour – Gondola Ride and Dinner

Let yourself be lulled by the waves on one of our typical gondolas admiring
the beauty of the Grand Canal and then toast and dine by candlelight in one
of the most exclusive and intimate venues in Venice.
Since Venice is known worldwide as one of the favorite destinations for
lovers there is nothing more romantic than a gondola ride to discover the
countless and unique attractions that the city offers combined with an
unforgettable dinner at the Palazzetto Pisani a 16th-century building near
Campo Santo Stefano overlooking the most authentic Venice.
Hop aboard a traditional gondola for a romantic cruise along the Grand
Canal exploring waterways, hidden corners enjoying the beautiful views of
Rialto bridge and campo Manin.
After taking a 30-minute gondola ride in the afternoon our guide will
accompany you to the Palazzetto Pisani restaurant which has always hosted
illustrious personalities for its elegance and uniqueness. There you will
savour a complete meal made of fish and meat specialties made according
the Venetian tradition as Bigoli in a sauce made with sardines and onions,
Grilled cuttlefish with polenta or Beef fillet with pink pepper.

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