Day Classes In Puglia

Menu for our half day cooking class:


Selection of cold cuts including Capocollo of Martina Franca. Freshly made mozzarelle, ricotta and burratine. Seasoned local cheese.

Fried Zucchini flowers filled with fresh ricotta cheese.

Green and red peppers marinated with olive oil and mint.

Cucumber, fennel and orange salad with olives and walnuts.

Whole-wheat Focaccia.

Main Courses

Home made fresh pasta with meat roulades (veal cutlets with tomato, pecorino cheese, parsley and garlic)

Fava (broad) beans pure’ with chicory, green peppers, sweet onions, olives and aubergines.

Second Courses

Fried artichokes (when in season) or eggplants/aubergines

Layered eggplant parmesan with zucchini, mozzarella, prosciutto and cherry tomatoes of Torre Guaceto.

Meat balls with fresh tomato sauce (veal and or vegetarian).


Tiramisu with mascarpone cheese layered between coffee and rum.

 Passionate about food? Want to learn a few new ideas and tips from the professionals? Day Cooking Classes from 125 Euros per person (minimum two participants) including pick up from your hotel in Lecce or Ostuni (165 Euros from Bari). We will collect you from your hotel at 10.00 am, cook , have lunch with great wines, desserts and coffee….. return back to your accomodation at 3,30 pm approx. Evening classes available upon request..

Winetastings and cooking classes at your villa from 85 Euros per person. We can organize a nice evening by your pool….

We organise visits to cheese farms where we will taste our local mozzarella and burratina, visits to artisanal pasta factories as well as  pastry shops and bread ovens…

Residential Programmes.

Our residential professional courses range from 1 to 4 weeks in duration, offering something for everyone!

These courses are suitable for all ages (over 16) and all abilities!

Courses are taught in small groups, with lots of personal attention and dedication to your enjoyment. Three locations: Masseria Boezio or Masseria Asciano in Ostuni or Villa Contessa in Lecce.

Held over five daily classes and one day of local food exploration, “Cuisine Essentials” teaches fundamental cuisine skills to provide you with a solid foundation of cooking expertise. Techniques are first demonstrated by our Master Chefs before you apply them to a number of carefully selected recipes.

This course has been designed to improve your confidence in the home kitchen and provide an essential repertoire of skills that can be applied daily to a variety of dishes. No previous culinary experience is required to apply….

One week course(seven days,six nights) including accomodation just 1680 Euros….Apply now !!

Day one: Key knife skills, manage essential ingredients, simple pan sauces

Day two: Making the perfect home made pasta

Day three: Red meat preparation and coking

Day four: Fish and shellfish preparation and cooking

Day five: Vegetable preparation and cooking, dish presentation

Day six: Visit two wineries with a guided wine tasting, lunch in Gallipoli at the exclusive Puritate restaurant.

Day seven: Explore food markets in Lecce or Ostuni, lunch and diplomas ceremony.